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Mary Ann ( midi )

Design by Diane provides a extensive variety of professional painting techniques and faux finish  services to suite any taste. We hope that you will enjoy your visit and if you have any questions , project proposals or requests please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Design by Diane has Studio locations in both Greenwich Connecticut and Grove City Florida. Our River view Studio located on the historic Mianus River that enters Long Island Sound on the beautiful Connecticut shore. Our The Lemon Bay Studio is located on Lemon Bay directly on the sunny Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida.

At Design by Diane we search for new application styles, ideas, presentations, literature, publications, gallery exhibits and developments. Both the world wide web and our proximity to  Manhattans and Sarasota's art communities provides us with the latest developments.

These diverse artistic forums utilize and exhibit a vast array of artistic styles from modern and contemporary, to traditional and period themes.

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