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Sloop John B ( midi )

At our Greenwich and Grove City facilities we constantly research, update and utilize the latest developments about trends, products, materials and techniques surrounding the application of, cutting edge and experimental, rendering processes as well as traditional and period styles and methods.

Design by Diane continues to develop new themes and project ideas. Our finished products always provides our customers with our unique and beautifully stylized “ Magical Painted Effects © ™ ” process.

In addition Design by Diane continues to incorporate Tropical and Caribbean influences, Crafts, Art design specialties into some of our finished products upon request . . .

For more particular tastes, Design by Diane will accept a customers static or absolute request to work with a style, a period, a theme, a custom rendering, or any combination of these elements which Design by Diane will evaluate and process to create with the client the desired effect from the initial design phase until project completion with equally balanced and beautiful results. Don't forget that Design by Diane can adapt project proposals to a wide variety of artistic media styles and bases as well. . .

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